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What is the future of the real estate sector in India?

Past years were not great for the real estate market in India. Due to the pandemic, the sector has to suffer a lot. Many projects got shut down overnight and the realty sector has become lethargic.

All these reasons are enough to make you doubtful about the future of the realty sector. You must be thinking about whether you should invest in real estate or not? Or what is the future of the industry?

However, there is good news that can end all these doubts of yours. The real estate market has shown recovery in the year 2021. The experts are speculating the growth will continue in the year 2022 also. According to them, 2022 will be the year of growth in residential and commercial property.

Hence you can plan your investment without any apprehension. Many new projects are going to give you splendid opportunities to make good returns on your investment.

For instance, the projects in Dholera, Noida, and other cities are giving great investment opportunities. You can buy property in Dholera, Ahmedabad, or Greater Noida to generate high returns. These are great places to invest your capital.

Here are some parameters to show the growth of the realty sector in India in 2022:

Upcoming projects

After the sudden halt in the industry due to pandemics, the sign of recovery gives enough confidence to the property developers to develop big projects.

You must have read about many new projects recently. Besides the property developers, the government is also coming with several new projects. This will help to boost the industry further.

Sales in FY21

2021 has been a splendid year for the real estate sector. Consumers show a high level of confidence to buy property. From January to September the industry has sold record property after the pandemic.

This enthusiasm gives all the good hope to the experts for 2022. The government initiatives, schemes, and low interest on home loans were the main reason behind this fruitful growth.


If you are thinking to buy a property on loan, this is the ideal time. You will enjoy the all-time low rates of interest. Several nationalized banks are offering loans at low-interest rates.

This gives a good enthusiasm to the new buyers. The low rates of interest motivate more people to invest in the real estate sector and help it to grow more in near future.

Effects of budget

The budget of 2022 was also in favor of the real estate sector. The central government is going to invest a good amount in the industry.

The Rs 48000 crore budgets have been allocated to boost affordable housing for middle and economically low-class people. Apart from this, the finance minister announced many other schemes to give a robust development of the realty sector.


After the downfall, the real estate market is showing good signs of recovery. It is expected this industry will grow by 40% this year. Hence the future of real estate in India seems quite promising.

These are the time of growth and development in the realty sector and you can make your investment without any doubt about the future. Your investment will generate high returns as the growth will be continuing in the Indian real estate market.

Why Dholera Has Become The Prime Destination For Investment

Dholera is the largest smart city being developed as part of the smart city mission’s first phase. From the moment it was announced, the city began making headlines.

Dholera, located in the Khambhat region near Ahmedabad, Gujarat is set to reinvent the future city of India. With a variety of distinctive features, the city has become a sought-after investment destination.

How Profitable Is Real Estate Investing

Real estate investment is no longer a viable option. There is not much money in this sector. The market is no longer favorable to property purchases and sales.

You’ve probably heard these terms before. People have become more stoic towards the real estate business, especially since the pandemic. And all of this makes you wonder if real estate investment is still worthwhile.

Impact of budget on the real estate sector.

After the various assumption and expectations, we finally have the union budget. On 1 February 2022 finance minister, Ms. Niramala Sitharaman presented the union budget for the financial year 2022-23. From cryptocurrency to agriculture and technology, the budget has a huge announcement for every sector. The central government has allocated nearly Rs. 39.45 trillion money to the total expenditure in the budget of 2022-23.

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